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A sign

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Giving Thanks and a Battered Grandmother

Miles and I walked into his Aunt's house on Thanksgiving.  We were super excited because today was the day we were announcing our pregnancy! We had made small photo books that had pictures of our wedding and the last page said

"The Next Photo is DUE June 2014...

It was amazing, and we couldn't wait to see everyone...and then we did.  Most notably, his Grandmother. We call her Zatta. I don't know why. Anyway, the woman had a black eye and scrapes all over her face.

Yup. Battered Grandma. 

I saw her, gasped and said 


She said "I was waiting for someone to notice."

Literally, a beaten face. EVERYONE NOTICED. She told me vaguely that she "fell" with no further detail. I was stunned, Miles' mom nudged me to hand out the books (she knew since I was 5 weeks, and I was 12 weeks at the time.  She was DYING to talk about it.) She kind of snapped me out of shock.  Miles' sister (who seems to always know what I am thinking) started laughing at my reaction, and I think stayed in the room only to watch me interact with her abused Grandmother.

So, I handed out the books.  I told everyone that they were just pictures from the wedding, and I figured they would appreciate having copies of their own.  So his Aunt and Grandmother are looking through them at the same time. It's like 5 pictures. The Aunt gets done first, gasps, puts the book down, hugs me, etc. Miles cousin wants to see what's going on, so she picks up the book.  (Zatta is still looking) His cousin gets done.  She gasps, and then asks me 

"So wait, How many weeks are you? When is your due date?"

Zatta is still reading. I say that I am 12 weeks(still reading) and that Dawn (Miles mom) has known since week 5 (still reading). Then Dawn pipes in and takes about how excited she is (still reading), 1st grandchild!! (still reading) 

Finally, She yells. 

Then she looks around and sees everyone smiling, with random hands on my stomach.

"Wait!? Everyone knew?!"

It was amazing. I've never seen so much obliviousness to what's going on around someone, so much confusion, and so many bruises on one face, all at once. 

She later told me that she though it was a boy because I was "carrying low"  (I wasn't showing).  When I left she came up to me, put her hand on my shoulder and said 


It was a great Thanksgiving.